I love watching YouTube. Mountian Biking, Fails, Lifestyle and of course kid stuff with the kids. My YouTube channel has been evolving and with a lot of work and learning, the videos I post I can really be proud of and enjoy making. 

It's lots of work and so many little nuance tricks to do it right. I am still learning and working to make each one better and more engaging. As you can see the deficiencies in earlier vids hahahah.

Camera equipment, 

Hard drives,

Camera angles and external accessories, 


Computer issues hahaha,

These are all parts of making videos happen. I am in awe of the work that goes into the content of those relevant and successful content makers. 

One of the best uses of this medium is the belt sizing video embedded on my site. It's often the most miss-understood (not too mention best selling)  item to purchase but so important because it lasts a life time. Important to get the size right! This YouTube video covers it all and eliminates the errors in sizing. 

Check out the channel and please do the "like"and "subscribe" thing. I intend on producing video content including: Leather creation, Core product description and development, Mountian Biking adventures including crashes!, Lifestyle and family content. These videos are catalogued in playlists so you can find your interest.

Thanks for checking out my site and YouTube page. Give me your feedback in the comment section of each video, I love it!




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