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I love watching YouTube. Mountian Biking, Fails, Lifestyle and of course kid stuff with the kids. My YouTube channel has been evolving and with a lot of work and learning, the videos I post I can really be proud of and enjoy making.  It's lots of work and so many little nuance tricks to do it right. I am still learning and working to make each one better and more engaging. As you can see the deficiencies in earlier vids hahahah. Camera equipment,  Hard drives, Camera angles and external accessories,  Editing, Computer issues hahaha, These are all parts of making videos happen. I am in awe of the work that goes into the content of those relevant and successful content...

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Upcoming Summer Markets

Summertime is a great opportunity to for me to get out amongst my customers and meet many great new people. To date I have five local dates scheduled. Take advantage of these fantastic events and do stop by for a visit. Being able to see my leather accessories in real life and to touch and inspect them makes for a great shopping experience. And as I always do, custom belt sizing will be available while you wait. I measure and cut your Forever Belt to your exact size and you leave with a heirloom item! See you this summer!!   Jason  

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Demystifying Belt Sizing

This belt can't last forever if it doesent fit! Ordering a size sensitive item online can be difficult and the risk of making a mistake is sometimes a deterrent. I want to take the guess work out of purchasing one of my Forever Belts so you can shop with confidence and own an item that will truly last you a lifetime.l Use the guide above to help you find your perfect size. You don't want to include the length of the buckle because it can vary. Speaking of buckles all my belt buckles are secured with Chicago Screws. This means you can change up the look of this belt based on occasion or mood just by changing the buckle.Remember when...

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Subscribe & Enter to Win!

Winter Giveaway! Subscribe to the email newsletter from February 3rd to February 10th, 2018 for a chance to win a FREE handcrafted custom sized Forever leather belt.  Your choice between the skinny belt or standard 1.5", each a $65 value.  Also receive an instant 10% discount coupon code once your subscription is confirmed.   Official Giveaway Contest Rules Contest begins February 3rd, 2018 12:01 a.m. MST Contest ends February 10th, 2018 11:59 p.m. MST Email subscription prize winner will receive a custom sized “Forever Belt”. This includes skinny belt or standard 1.5” belt. $65 value. Winner will be determined randomly by impartial third party draw. Winner will be contacted to determine size and style, and provide shipping information. Winner has 30 days from contact date...

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Better Wallets and Bags

What did you really pay for that last wallet or bag? Whats' the difference between the two wallets? Well the bottom one is made from think low grade leather with a material backing. Mine is handmade with only full grain leather and is saddle stitched. JBLeatherSupply products won't fall apart like the bottom wallet because it can't! In fact it can be repaired or have parts of it replaced. When you consider what you payed for your last item vs how long it lasted what did you really pay? I build all my products to last a lifetime, its always the cheaper option.

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