About JBLeatherSupply

5 Things about JBLeatherSupply:

1. Everything is handmade in Canada by Jason Brown.

2. Only the finest leather and materials are used including full grain leather, rivets, thread, hardware.

3. All items are original and designed by Jason Brown.

4. JBLeatherSupply items are built to last a lifetime belts are guaranteed for life.

5. You can customize your project by changing the thread colour, hardware colour or making small design changes. Contact me for details.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6QIoSASJ5wkefwfTJod9Qg

In 2014 I needed a belt. I was not satisfied with the quality or value of what was available. Belts that were cheap wouldn't last. Belts that were real good were too expensive and the "fashionable" belts were expensive AND wouldn't last. 

That's when I decided I was going to make my own. So I did. the first belt I made took 5 hours to design and make and is still being used today. Now offering a lifetime guarantee for my Forever Belts and they are my best seller.

My passion is crafting exceptional leather accessories. I have spent countless hours designing and refining my patterns to offer you a product that is truly unique and functional. All these items get tested by friends and family to ensure they meet my expectation, that is it will outlast any other wallet, bag, belt etc. that you have had in the past. In fact I offer a lifetime warranty on my belts. It breaks, you get an new one. That simple.

I craft all items in Calgary Alberta at my home workshop using many traditional leather crafting techniques, some items including saddle stitching. This particular stitch is stronger than a machine stitch. This is important in heavily used items like wallets. If a stitch breaks it wont unravel.


As you use one of my items it will get better. The leather will break in and pocket will loosen. The biggest change might be it the aged look it will gain. Getting better and becoming personally yours. Natural Vegetable Tanned leather is one of my favorites with the biggest transformation of all leathers. With use and a little patience you can expect magical results. Top belt new, bottom 2 years old!

 I hope you find the perfect leather accessory here and if you have any questions send me a message and I will get right back to you.

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